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بالعلم بل بالأدب تنال أعلى الرتب

                                         فعش حياة العلماء و اقرأ صنوف الكتب

 و دم على تواضع لا تفتخر بالنسب
                                      كفاك أن تخرج من دنيا الورى بالحسب

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Code Smell Detection
  • Software Defects
  • Ensemble Learning
  • Stock Price Forecasting
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  • scopus
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Graduate Students

​In Progress
  • Amal Alazba, PhD
  • Rana Baamer, Msc
  • Raghad Alzahrani, Msc
  • Rana Sandouka, Msc
  • Amani Alqarni, Msc
  • Lama Albakhat, Msc in Computer Science, May 2022.
    • Thesis title: ”Robustness And Stability Analyses Of Ensemble Learning Models In Android Malware Detection”.
  • Nouf Alturayeif, Msc in Computer Science, Dec 2021.
    • Thesis title: ”Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis of Apps Reviews Using Supervised Machine Learning”.
  • Kazi Ekramul Hoque, Msc in Computer Science, Dec 2021.
    • Thesis title: ”Hyperparameter Tuning Impact on Machine Learning Forecasting Performance within the Saudi Stock Market”.
  • Ahmed AlShaaby, Msc in Software Engineering, Dec 2019.
    • Thesis title: ”Software Bad Smells Prediction Using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques”.
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